Jana Gams, Doctor of Veterinary medicine

Jana Gams

  • doctor of veterinary medicine, working in canine rehab
  • continuing education at University of Tennessee, CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner)
  • years of experiences in dog fitness for sporting dogs
  • active competitor & FCI licenced dog instructor for Agility, FCI Obedience, and Rally-O


Workshop will be in english!

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Workshop will cover

Why it should be an alpha and omega of every agility training or competition, and how to do it as effective as possible?

Improved physical preparation can create a more powerful dog, which is less prone to injuries

Is mental focus enough to maintain excellent performance until the end of competition or "How to improve your dog's STAMINA?"

specific exercises for better take-offs and flexibility in air

Physical preparation for better landings: "FINDING BALANCE AND STABILITY"

Common injuries and consequences, and how to avoid them

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